Australia Votes Yes

Lillian Richards, Print Editor-in-Chief

        Rainbow-colored celebrations erupted across Australia yesterday as the results from a two-month long national post survey said “yes” to legalizing same-sex marriage. Voting opened on September 12th and those who were registered to vote returned their surveys by November 7th...

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Shock in Mexico

Melissa Duran, Staff Writer

Three days after Mexico celebrated 207 years of independence, its streets traded parades for debris and chaos. Mexico City and surrounding states felt a massive earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1. The temblor’s epicenter was situated 34 miles south of the city of Puebla...
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Mayhem in Charlottesville

Luna Theus, Staff Writer

What Happened?
Robert E. Lee, a Confederate army general, was the center of controversy in Charlottesville, Virginia, as his statue was due to come down because of the racist history it exemplifies. This stirred up quite the protest as many men bearing tiki torches, in an attempt to mimic the Klu Klux Klan’s harassment of African Americans, rallied outside the statute. These men would soon...

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